Hi, I’m Thomas

I’m software and web developer at it-spirit. I focus on accessibility and inclusive design.

Latest posts

  1. How to make a Plone theme available (for activation) after installation as an add-on

    Adding a theme to your Plone site makes it available for activation imediately, for all Plone sites on the same Plone instance. This is not always the desired behavior. To require the theme to be installed as an add-on before we can activate it we have to change the way the registration is done.

  2. How to upgrade your add-on with a Plone upgrade

    Sometimes it might be useful to run a GenericSetup upgrade step when Plone is getting updated to a new version. For Plone itself, plone.app.upgrade contains all necessary information and upgrade steps to bring your Plone instance to the next level. But how about your add-on?

  3. Plone: Move instance to another host without downtime

    Sometimes it might be necessary to move a Plone instance to another host. This article describes how do this without almost any downtime.

  4. RhodeCode: remove outdated session data

    RhodeCode uses Beaker for session management. By default the Beaker backend is set to file storage. Cleaning up those files by time is necessary.

  5. Buildout fails on Mac with Xcode 4 installed

    Installing Apple’s Xcode 4 can cause some trouble when compiling Zope packages via buildout. This article shows the solution for this problem.